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Power Gummies

Who doesn’t want Shiny & Bouncy hair, healthy & glowing skin and strong nails? However, for most of us, it is always a dream. From finding jobs, broken relationships to worrying about the EMIs, we Millennials face one more struggle of managing hair, skin, and nails!

With increasing pollution problems along with little time for self-care, stress, and an unbalanced diet, Millenials are facing hair and skin troubles more than ever. Bad skin, hair, and nails not only cause worries but also affects our self-esteem.

 Apart from calories, our Bodies require certain vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and fit. Our Hair, skin, and nails are also a part of our body and it requires all those vitamins and minerals to stay healthy.

 Today’s diet is not enough to provide our bodies with all the essential vitamins and minerals required for Hair health. Multivitamins are available but who loves to take medicines and that’s why we created a Chewable and  yummier alternative to multivitamins – Power Gummies Hair & Nail Vitamin with Biotin.

 Power Gummies is an over-the-counter (nonprescription) health supplement containing 10 essential vitamins along with Biotin and folic acid, available in the form of cute looking, yummy & chewable gummies.

 We believe that achieving a healthy lifestyle should not be boring, tough or complicated, rather it should be fun, simple, tasty and easy!

 That’s why All You need is to take two power gummies a day to fulfill your daily needs of required vitamins and minerals for your hair. These are 100

% vegetarian, gluten-free,yummy, chewable gummies that can easily be enjoyed on the go so you won’t need a reminder or feel like you are taking a medicine. That’s what we all wanted, isn’t?

 PowerGummies are available in a one-month pack, two, three and four-months pack. Choose as per your needs and health goals.

 Concerned about safety? Don’t worry! Here at Power Gummies, we strive for maximum safety and best results. Our products are FSSAI Approved which ensures quality and safe products for your peace of mind. We use only the best ingredients available to ensure that each gummy you consume is effective, safe and yummy! Most importantly, our gummies work!

 Still curious? Got queries? Check our FAQs or feel free to connect with us! We are as social as you are, DM us on Instagram or send us an email at