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Powergummies Customer Review1


Initially, after taking 15 days I thought this will not work. But after consulting power gummies expert Dr. Nimisha she told me that it will take a minimum of 60 days to work after 90 days power Gummies has totally transformed my hair from weak and scanty to strong and more voluminous. I see a lot of baby hair now as the hair has started to grow which makes it look voluminous. The quality has also improvised, and hair fall has also reduced. I am really thankful for this product as it has worked like wonders for me.   - 10 March 2019

Powergummies Customer Review2

Ankit Singh

I work as a model, I’ve to color my hair often according to the role. I faced excessive hair fall due to these changes. My hair became dry and rough because of the excessive chemicals used while colorings the hair. When it was recommended by dear friend Tanisha I was skeptical. But actually came as a savior for my hair. The Gummies have helped to nourish my hair from within. The texture has improved quite a lot. Also, my hair fall has reduced.- 7 Dec-2019

Powergummies Customer Review3


I am a born traveler, I love to travel! Travel is all I want but my hair is curly and they did not like it. I’m in love with the Gummies. Due to excessive hair fall, I planned to cut my hair short a month back and since then I’m having Gummies. I can see a huge difference in my hair! My hair fall is less and my hair looks healthier now!!! Of course, it’s yummy as well, can’t resist me from having more than two Gummies. Don’t buy one buy two! It is only effective when consumed for 60 days regular.   -4 Jan 2020

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