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Power Gummies are chewable vitamins that seem nothing less than a tasty treat which is great for the people who find it hard to swallow the pills properly. Power Gummies was initiated under the tutelage of director Divij Bajaj with Aesthetic Nutrition Pvt. Ltd as the parent company on 31st March 2017.

Our aim as an organization is to bring to uplifting health products that are good for your body and mind regardless of the age group you belong to. Power Gummies follows the practice of proper laws, ethics and hygiene when it comes to dispatch and manufacture of the Power Gummies.

We believe that good health is the key to happy life and we aim to provide you with the key to the same. With the increase in pollutants in the food you eat and air you breathe, it is essential to derive the right amount of nutrition for your body to remain fit and healthy. Increase in the consumption of fast food strips you of the essential nutrients that keep you healthy and going.

Power Gummies are the perfect choice to chew down all those necessary nutrients without worrying about health issues in the body. Your body tends to show the deficiency via issues such as prolonged illness, frequent cold or fever, weak bones, stunted growth and improper weight. Power Gummies has been designed to provide all that is required by your body every day to maintain the functions of the body while boosting the body metabolism.

Protect your kids and yourself from the ailments that trouble you by investing in our Power Gummies and combat the daily nutrition deficiency. Power Gummies have been created keeping in mind the modern health scenario, we have ensured that you get the exact amount of nutritional content from our gummies and excel with a 100 percent dedication to your work or studies.

We at Aesthetic Nutrition Pvt. Ltd aims to offer top notch products that have been through rigorous quality check and approved for use by the FDA with top quality ingredients present in the gummies. Our careful analysis of every product brings you better health and quality lifestyle. We cater products that follow all the international standards for nutritional content and safety when consumed by humans of any age group, be it a child or adult.

Use of high-end machinery and equipment are practised by our company to manufacture the products we sell. We store all our products in perfect conditions to ensure that they are safe to consume and free from any deterioration due to weather conditions. We dispatch the product via a dedicated team for marketing and delivery to different parts of the country and even worldwide to overseas customers.

Our customers are not just based in India but various other countries which include China, US, UK, Saudi Arabia etc. With the best nutritional content as per industry standards, we ensure that our customers invest in products that cater better immunity, growth and a perfect balance of health and happiness.

For any inquiries or difficulties in purchasing the product, do not refrain from giving us a call at 9999147733. We will be happy to help you.

Please note that our products are allergen free and 100 percent vegetarian, gelatin-free, fish free, peanut free, pork free, egg free, dairy free, beef free, wheat free and soy free.