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Powergummies Taste 1

Taking vitamins has never been this easier on a self-loving journey!

We cannot imagine giving you a bad tasting health promise. Power Gummies knows to design your health journey to beautiful hair, glowing skin, and stronger nails in the most flavorsome way ever. Breaks our heart to relate with people associate health assurance with taking bland or bitter-tasting supplements coming in a powder or capsule form or hard to follow diet routine in today’s time with relentless workers, long working hours, stressful environment and unhealthy lifestyle habits.

We care for you and care about what you wish to put in your body without any fear of bad taste, smell, or gulping. We help you chew your health troubles, which brought us to formulate these little gummies infused with the potent of 10 essential vitamins A to E, Biotin, Zinc, and Folic Acid required for our body to increase hair growth, radiant skin and boost metabolism. What could be better than health encapsulated secretly in these gummies that are just another form of love, happiness, and care?

Powergummies Taste 1
Powergummies Taste 2

A daily dose of irresistible and cute looking gummies for hair power stacked in an attractive bottle packed with love and care. The scent of gummy takes over your mind the minute you open the bottle lid and pop one of the gummy in your hand. The soft-touch of gummies takes you through the childhood memories of embracing your teddy toy and own wonderland. We all loved our soft teddy unconditionally and carried them over everywhere to feel their warmth. Just like how each of the sixty gummies in every bottle is right there to shower love on you!

Crafted with the highest quality ingredients and infused with less than 1% of the daily recommended amount of sugar content. Contains no artificial ingredients, gelatin, or gluten contents and produced with no animal testing. Cuddles with you and sways you off bursting out fruity love the minute you put a gummy in the mouth with the delicious fruity flavors. Own a wonderland everyday where it is just you, gummy, love and more love!

Melt-in-your-mouth in less than a minute taking you out of this world fruity ride. Allows a luscious and soft chew with no hassle as if you still want to have one more or never had one.

The goodness of light as air gummies stays with you all day long keeping your mood uplifted and happy. Love becomes your language and makes you crave to break the rule of pop 2 gummies a day. One has to spare these devilishly yummy gummies without finishing to complete the #90daystogorgeous hair challenge.