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  • REDUCES HAIR FALL, PROMOTES NEW HAIR GROWTH: It's 100% Gluten Free and Gelatine Free. Pop and chew them whenever you feel like. Biotin for hair is like water for plants. It’s the vitamin essential for the growth of thick and strong hair. These Biotin gummies for hair growth further infused with Vit A, C, E, and H are the micro-nutrients aiding cell growth and development. These biotin supplements house all of the mentioned multivitamins, thereby aiding the regeneration of hair and skin cells. These power gummies hair vitamin with biotin supports metabolic functions by converting nutrients into rich sources of energy. 

  • SCIENTIFICALLY BACKED: These Biotin Gummies are vegan, gluten-free, pectin based, and gelatin free. They are lab tested for purity and scientifically backed on biotin based research published in reports of the European Food  & Safety Association. They are 100% natural, soy-free, and dairy-free. Natural products are effective after regular use. 

  • Refund Policy: This Product is Non-Refundable 

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Quantity: 60 Gummies (1 Month Pack)


We at power gummies are committed to human health. We believe when it comes to health there are no Shortcuts. We took the strength of biotin, folic acid, nutrients A, C, E, H, and decorate it with fun. The deficiency of any vitamin takes time to recover. Depending on body type it varies from 60 days to 90 days for visible effect. We make health easy for you by means of packing this punch in a handy gummy form. Yummy flavor. The result is an amusing way to take top-notch care of your health, even while you’re on-the-go. 

Power Gummies are Safe Biotin also is known as Vitamin H, which helps convert food into energy. It helps maintain healthy skin, nails, and hair. Our Biotin Gummies are pectin based and gelatin free. They are completely natural, vegan and are enriched with all essential vitamins 

Suitable For All: Suitable for vegans and vegetarians, this fitness complement caters to every section of people. Even youngsters and aged can devour those gummies, as consistent with the advocated dosage to acquire its benefits.

Effectiveness: Most gummies in the market are cheap. We at power gummies believe to provide the best quality and don’t compromise with quality! Ya! it is priceless as your hair. Power gummies come with the promise of #noshortcut. They are effective when to be consumed daily at least 90days. Challenge yourself with #90daystogourgeoushair
Unlike multivitamins available in the market which feel like medicines and need water and effort to take, our gummies are chewable and yummy so they can be easily taken any time without a reminder or effort. Simply chew them and enjoy the yummy flavor.

Power Gummies don’t contain any hormones or harmful chemicals so they practically don’t have any side effects.

Recommended Age: 15+ Males & Females. Consult your physician before giving to kids below 13 years of age.

*DISCLAIMER: This product is not intended to cure or treat any diseases. The results may vary from individual to individual. Power Gummies are not recommended for pregnant women and lactating mothers. Please don’t consume the product if you have any known allergies or under strict medication. Always consult your physician before starting any medication.

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