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10 essential vitamins for thick and strong hair

The thing about healthy hair is that it mirrors your food and lifestyle habits. Any adverse effect on your health will immediately reflect on your hair.  This could be a vitamin deficiency.There may be a   lack of iron, zinc, protein, vitamin B12, stress, lack of biotin, etc. The list is rather endless.

we somehow manage to ignore the importance of vitamins. Many hair care companies have continuously stressed on vitamin consumption. However, some believe that multivitamins are only for the elderly.. While, Also, some people vehemently believe that multivitamins are nothing but an advertising gimmick. Let’s try to understand this  from a health point of view.

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Five Hair Care Tips To Maintain Healthy Hair

Great hairs require efforts, care and healthy nutrition! The more you give attention to them,
the more will they grow. Your carelessness towards them can ruin their quality and quantity
We may not understand but we make several mistakes every day that results in hair damage
and hair fall, like not washing them properly or being too harsh while combing.
To avoid such simple mistakes, you must follow the right method to take care of your hair.

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