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Expert Advice for the Perfect Hair Growth

Lustrous, strong and shiny hair are only a dream for many nowadays. But, don’t worry, as your dreams are not far away from becoming a reality! Rather than wasting money on hair regrowth treatment or spending precious time analyzing hair growth oils/shampoos, why don’t we revisit our basics?

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The Secret Behind A Head Full Of Hair, Its Biotin

Those struggling with hair growth are indeed the ones who realize the significance of thicker hair. The solution to the longer and thicker hair no longer dwells in the grandmother’s conventional recipes amidst persistent pollution, toxic food, and never-ending stress. De-toxification and de-stressing perhaps have become more of a luxury that is out of reach of commoners due to time and budget constraints. Nevertheless, there is one solution that, if included in lifestyle, can prove to be a lasting panacea to treat the myriad problems related to the hair. The solution is none other than the intake of apt nutrients. By boosting nutrition intake, you ensure providing the required building blocks essential for fuller hair. You are mistaken if your guess is a nutritious diet plan as it does not seem to work in the long run due to demanding utmost continual commitment.

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10 essential vitamins for thick and strong hair

The thing about healthy hair is that it mirrors your food and lifestyle habits. Any adverse effect on your health will immediately reflect on your hair.  This could be a vitamin deficiency.There may be a   lack of iron, zinc, protein, vitamin B12, stress, lack of biotin, etc. The list is rather endless.

we somehow manage to ignore the importance of vitamins. Many hair care companies have continuously stressed on vitamin consumption. However, some believe that multivitamins are only for the elderly.. While, Also, some people vehemently believe that multivitamins are nothing but an advertising gimmick. Let’s try to understand this  from a health point of view.

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5 Best Headbands for Thin Hair

5 Best Headbands for Thin Hair

Hairstyling is indeed a time-consuming job. Whether you are a college girl or a woman working in a multi-national corporation, you surely spend a significant amount of time styling your hair as compared to getting done with your morning outfit. Though Blair Waldorf (from Gossip Girls) has surely given ladies a fantastic hairstyling accessory “headbands,” that surely make their hair styling a task quickly done, and are terrifically trending.

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5 things you should always keep stocked to keep your hair healthy

It is said that your hair is the crown that you would never take off. Hence, investing in healthy hair tips could be the wisest thing to do. For your hair to appear good, it requires a good amount of shine and styling it up goes a long way too. However, for hair to feel good naturally without using any external catalysts, you need to provide it with the right nutrients and vitamins that come from the consumption of the right foods. Here are the 5 healthy hair foods you would require to stock up:

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Hair DIY - Treatment for Dry, Dull or Frizzy Hair

The lockdown across the country has brought our lives to a standstill. There’s no need for rushing to the lectures or the meetings at work. Everyone is at home trying out all kinds of recreational activities, indoor of course, to calm their bodies and minds. Quite a few people find self-care treatments to be therapeutic. 

Every individual has a unique relationship with their hair. Some go all the way to buying hair masks and many other products to take care of their manes. Although hair, much like skin, varies amongst individuals, lifestyle choices and pollution have erased the lines of distinction. Dry, frizzy hair is the new monster in town.

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