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Is it necessary to oil your scalp?

Jun 22, 2020
Is it necessary to oil your scalp?

Is it necessary to oil your scalp?

Hair Fall is a problem that every 6 out of 10 humans face in a lifetime. Are you currently going through the Hair fall phase of your life? If you then you will get benefits of this article, written precisely for problems and solutions related to hair fall.  There are multiple remedies, myths, and facts on the internet related to hair fall. We talk about in a series of blogs, articles, methods on how to control hair fall, what are the best remedies on hair fall. In today's section let’s discuss “Is it necessary to oil your Scalp?  

You have been reading it on the internet or since your childhood, you have heard it from your grandmother about the benefits of oiling hair. Oiling often acts as an overall solution for all the hair problems and stress relief.  You've certainly received this bit of hair advice from a lot of people—mothers, grandmothers, relatives, friends, doctors. 

Few driving factors which damage hair, hair foils Scalps are  

  • Air pollution impacts on hair 

  • Use of excess brushing damages hair 

  • Smoking impacts badly on hair 

  • Less consumption of water impacts  

because of all this, our hair becomes weak and goes through a lot of damage each day. 

Let's talk about a few solutions as best hair fall remedy :

  • Oiling For Haircare 

  • Shampooing For Hair Care

  • Conditioning For Haircare 

We often skip the first step of Oiling. This step can make a big impact on the health of hair. In addition, the oiling routine depends on different types of hair and scalp conditions.

You must be having so many questions in mind, Is oiling well for hair? Can it trigger hair growth?

Is oiling good for hair care as your grandmother promised, or does it do more harm than good? Read it further to know more about it!

Can Oiling trigger hair growth?

Yes, it enhances hair growth. An oil massage stimulates the hair follicles and improves blood circulation to the scalp. It provides the essential nutrients to the scalp making it healthy, thus helping in hair growth.

  • It nourishes the hair & prevents frizz. It is advised to apply Castor Oil & Olive oil which are rich in Vitamin E, which can further nourish your hair strands and roots to prevent hair loss.

  • Regular oiling the hair from roots, making it stronger, and avoids breakage. How Oiling helps: the fatty acids present in the oil helps to replace the lost moisture & lipids, which is a major factor in causing split ends and hair fall to protect the hair from heat damage. Your hair becomes very fragile & weak when exposed to continuous heat. Oiling the hair in summer specially creates a shield to protect the hair from sun damage. The prolonged exposure to heat can result in over-drying of hair and can ruin the texture of your hair. During summer, excessive sweating can lead to oily dandruff, leading to hair breakage. Almond Oil has Vitamin E which helps in getting rid of oily dandruff. Camphor, known for its cooling properties can be added to Castor Oil to soothe the scalp in summer.

Here’s when Oiling of hair might not work

  • People having oily scalp should avoid oiling 

  • It's your hair which needs moisture, not necessarily your scalp. 

  • The scalp has a natural PH level. When we put oil on the scalp, it blocks the hair follicles and reduces the PH level. The ph level of the scalp is directly linked with hair loss. If your hair is extremely dry or oily, chances of hair fall increases

  • Caution on excess Oiling: If you put extra oil on your scalp, which is not needed, your body stops producing natural oil. 

So, you should all keep in mind while you oil your hair keeping in mind the above-mentioned points to maintain healthy scalp and hair. In my next blog, I will cover points on how smoking impacts badly on hair and Less consumption of water impacts. 

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