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Secrets of Divyanka Tripathi hair and beauty

Jun 22, 2020
Secrets of Divyanka Tripathi hair and beauty

During a talk with Power Gummies gummies biotin based supplements for hair and nails Divyaka shared few tips and secrets, Divyanka shared 

“Being a woman, it has been very difficult for me to find time to care for my hair. In between castings and traveling, maintaining a nutritious diet and healthy habits for my hair has been nearly impossible. Before making these changes, I always felt my hair lacks luster and strength no matter how hard I tried. This is why I have compiled my top 3 must-try tips on how to keep your hair long, strong, and healthy” 

My Top 3 Hair Care Tips:

  1. Don’t Over Wash Your Hair

Since I am required to style my hair frequently for shootings and appearances, it becomes easily damaged due to the heat that I put in it. For a long time, I would wash my hair every day, style it every day, and then repeat, which left my strands feeling brittle and dry. They lacked shine and it was impossible to fix. This is why I started washing my hair less and less. Now, just washing it a few times a week, I am able to avoid excessive hair loss and keep my hair styled at the same time!

  1. Don’t Brush Your Wet Hair

I know it is so tempting, but don’t! Combing wet hair leads to breakage and hair loss, which I discovered the hard way. Instead of brushing, wrap your hair in a cotton towel and let it dry. Once it is at least 70% dry, brush it and style as you normally would. Make sure to be gentle when you comb to avoid preventable hair loss. This trick has helped my hair fight split dry ends and rough texture!

  1. Vitamins

This is my ultimate hair secret. Between castings and jobs, I have found it very hard to maintain a diet that provides my hair with all the nutrients it needs. Without these nutrients, my hair lacked volume and shine, and I experienced hair loss. I tried every trick in the book but saw very little difference. No matter what, I wanted to avoid taking pills and medicines in fear of experiencing dangerous side effects. This is when I found Power Gummies. 

Since they are all-naturally tasty, Power Gummies easily became a part of my routine. Now, I can’t imagine what my hair would look like without them. Trust me when I say, they transformed not only my hair but also my skin and nails! These gummies provided my body with all of the nutrients my hair needs so I can look and feel my best every day. Even after implementing my first two tips (which I still practice), I only noticed minor differences, but after taking Power Gummies for just 90 days, my strands feel rejuvenated, silky smooth, and nourished like never before!

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