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10 essential vitamins for thick and strong hair

Jul 6, 2020
10 essential vitamins for thick and strong hair

The thing about healthy hair is that it mirrors your food and lifestyle habits. Any adverse effect on your health will immediately reflect on your hair.  This could be a vitamin deficiency.There may be a   lack of iron, zinc, protein, vitamin B12, stress, lack of biotin, etc. The list is rather endless.

we somehow manage to ignore the importance of vitamins. Many hair care companies have continuously stressed on vitamin consumption. However, some believe that multivitamins are only for the elderly.. While, Also, some people vehemently believe that multivitamins are nothing but an advertising gimmick. Let’s try to understand this  from a health point of view.

Health and Hair

Often, what gets lost amongst diets and eating right, is the need for adding vitamins to the health chart. Putsimply, vitamins have the power to strengthen your immune system, resulting in healthier skin, hair, more metabolic activity, and even  hair regrowth. They also have a  lasting  impact on the thickness, shine and health of your hair.

Bodily changes, deliveries, age and food habits are reasons  for thinning  of hair, weak hair, split ends or even greying. If you find yourself slipping into this category, chances are you lacking on essential vitamins and most importantly, biotin! 

Luckily, hair vitamins are affordable, making it easy for you to supplement them in your diet for that shiny mane. Besides fixing your lifestyle and diet, it would be great if you could check  your biotin intake. 

Here are some of the age-old vitamins that can help you fix that lustre your hair so desperately needs. 


The big B. Biotin is a B-vitamin, specifically B7 that helps in the promotion of healthy and lustrous hair. Essential in arresting hair loss, biotin helps in speeding up the hair growth and regrowth process as well as helps people with hair thinning woes. A deficiency in biotin can strip your hair, skin and nails of its sheen, making them  look lifeless and dull. 

 Foods like eggs, almonds, sweet potatoes and spinach are rich with biotin. However, if you’re vegan or vegetarian, you could supplement your diet with biotin tablets specifically aimed at hair regrowth. Biotin supplements are great for vegetarians and vegans, or people who detest eggs, meat and liver. 

Vitamin A

Synonymous with excellent eyesight and an essential part of a balanced diet,. Great to stimulate hair growth, vitamin A can make your hair happy at all times. However, vitamin A is a  vitamin that could cause oily scalp issues if administered in large doses  So, only take a little.. An essential player in repairing hair damage, the right dose can give you great results  with increased hair regrowth speed. 

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12, is a by-product of good, overactive bacteria and plays a vital role in promoting healthy hair growth.   A deficiency of this nutrient can give you poor memory, ulcers, and premature hair loss.

While our bodies readily process most vitamins, it tends to store Vitamin B-12 in the liver that acts as its warehouse. Your liver readily uses it when required and throws it out when it doesn’t.Whoever thought the body wasn’t smart enough to repair itself!

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a boon for great hair, skin. It’s important for giving you thick and shiny hair. Because of its role in collagen synthesis, you can be sure of a lustrous head of hair if you maintain a daily routine of consuming Vitamin C. Besides  hair,  your skin and nails are the other body parts that benefit from its presence. The best part about Vitamin C is its versatility. You can find it in several fruits and vegetables, such as lemons, so a daily intake  isn’t all that difficult to manage.


Vitamin D

The sun vitamin has recently garnered a lot of importance thanks to our sedentary lifestyles. It is an essential vitamin that can lead to rapid hair loss with its deficiency. Technically, a vitamin D supplement is the culmination of a lot of vitamins that are listed for good health and hair regrowth.


A deficiency, therefore, can get you losing the best part of your head; your hair. So if you don’t get enough of the sun for whatever reasons and you are losing hair, you have vitamin D and its deficiency to blame. 

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is  great for skin and hair. It is a vitamin that is used in many skin and hair care products . Vitamin E is arguably the best vitamin for promoting hair growth and an essential ingredient in most hair products. Vitamin E for the hair is like food for the body. It is also vital for good eyes and skin. Vitamin E can be found in food such as spinach, broccoli and avocado, soft gel capsules and several hair products.

. Besides hair, eyes and skin, Vitamin E is a great booster for  building and repairing body tissues. 


Collagen is here to stay along with biotin. A lot of fillers and creams rich in collagen rule countertops these days. Collagen is responsible for the strength it provides to about 25-30 percent of protein in your body. While it is super useful for good hair, nails and skin, it also helps blood vessels, eyes and arteries in your body. Usually available at leading chemists, the supplements are effective and harmless.


A super introverted mineral, copper though important, is required in small quantities  in the body. Copper adds strength to your hair strands and is fundamental if you are suffering from alopecia, as it leads to the growth of hair follicles.

Folic Acid

Think of folic acid and pregnancy immediately comes to mind. As important as folic acid is during the growth of a baby’s nervous system, B9, or folacin, is instrumental in providing nutrients and blood to the scalp and hair follicles. 


Iron is a mineral, not protein. Generally, iron supplements help in tackling fatigue, and as an added benefit, it also provides growth and thickness of your hair while improving your general health.

You can find many of these vitamins in our Power Gummies Hair Vitamins with biotin. TOur hair capsules  are a wonderful, easy to digest gummies packed with ten essential vitamins, biotin, and folic acid. Power Gummies Hair Vitamins with biotin will help replenish your hair to make it healthy and beautiful.

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