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10 easy nail arts you must try

Jul 5, 2020
10 easy nail arts you must try

Well done nails not only elevate your style quotient but also elevate your mood. Going to a salon to get your nails done or just doing a DIY sesh is sometimes all we need to make us feel good. You can give your nails a makeover depending on your mood from monotone to quirky color splash or sprinkle some glitter! Let's look at some nail art tips: 

1. A classic french manicure:

One of the most popular and classic nail art, a french manicure is perfect for a simple yet elite look. Whether going to a dinner party or just a casual hangout brunch with friends, this look is what you need! 

10 easy nail arts you must try

2. Classy stripes: 

Whether on clothes or nails, stripes are never going out if style. Using one color stripes or colorful stripes will take your glam nail look a notch higher. This classy and chic look can acetate any look for any occasion. 

10 easy nail arts you must try

3. Go, Glitter!

If you are a bold and quirky girl, Glitter is something you can't shy away from. From a night out with girls to a wedding, Glitter is perfect to go! Use a glitter polish or sprinkle some over your nails.

10 easy nail arts you must try

4. Ombre all the way:

Mix to different colors or just two shades of color, an ombre won't do you wrong. This elegant nail art fashion can elevate any look you are going for.

10 easy nail arts you must try

5. Heart it out:

A stencil heart art on top of any color is all you need to go all heart out. This simple yet stylish look is the one to pick for a date night out or to show yourself some love.

10 easy nail arts you must try

6. A little naughty and polka dotty:

Give your nails a fun and frolic makeover by painting some polka dots. A fun Sunday brunch and or a sunny day out at a beach, this look is all you need. Take this look a notch up by adding some beads and studs to it. 

10 easy nail arts you must try

7. Flower power: 

Want to give your girlfriends a reason to compliment you? Perfect floral nail art is the one for you. A go-to for you sundress, this one will get you in the mood for some fun under the sun. 

10 easy nail arts you must try

8. Miss match: 

While some miss-match might sound out-of-the-box, it can prove to be a bold and sassy look to don. It can complement any look, be it casual or glam. You can add other elements like studs, beads, or stripes on top to add a layer oomph it up. 

10 easy nail arts you must try

9. Striking animal print: 

Animal print is not only a timeless fashion statement, but it is also a striking look for your nails. Animal print can be tried with varied colors and styles to go with your outfit or mood.

10 easy nail arts you must try

10. Neon queen: 

Brighten up your night with the sizzling neon nail art. Paint your nails with neon color or add a little jazz to your nails by adding neon elements to it. Slay your nails like Kylie and be glam on the go.

10 easy nail arts you must try
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